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All of us here at Sabor & Style magazine are either dancers, music aficionados, or even
performers of Salsa, Bachata, Hip hop, Breakin, Flamenco, Tango, and more.  We hope to
pass on our love for dance, music, food, culture, and lifestyle.  We are all of different
backgrounds, races or ethnic groups.  We all have one thing in common we not only love
the Afro and Latin cultures.  But love to experience all the cultures of the world and their
diversity.  So join us and subscribe to our magazine.  We will open you mind, body, and soul
to things you may have never seen before.  We will show you many exciting things from our
our diverse world. Everything will be at your fingertips to enjoy at your leisure.  Thanks for
visiting our site, and we hope that you
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